ACE Coaching Program & Background Checks

What is ACE?

This clinic is designed to give you, the softball coach, some idea about the responsibility that has been given you.

That responsibility entails more than just knowing the nuts and bolts of softball. It includes knowing how to deal with parents, how to care for injuries, understanding risk management, your legal duties as a coach, how to organize a practice and much more.

There is a lot to coaching young athletes – maybe more than you thought at first. It is our hope through this clinic to give you some insight and assistance as you enter the world of coaching youth softball. You will be given tips, drills and advice that can help you and your team has a successful, positive and enjoyable season.

The Certification Clinic covers 15 chapters consisting of: What is Coaching All About, Communication, Teaching Skills, Psychology of Coaching, 20 tips for Coaching your Own Child, Dealing with Parents, Legal Issues and Risk Management, First Aid, Sports Specific Skills, Adapting Softball for Kids, The Difference Between Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch Softball, Softball Positions and Coverage, Softball Equipment, It’s Game Time, Now What?, and Organization & Administration Skills.